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Sunshine Sunflower Foundation provides a safe space for young adults of all backgrounds and abilities to challenge themselves, work as a team and most of all- have fun.

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Sunshine Sunflower Foundation is a charity that aims to help young people gain transferable skills, improve their mental health and learn to work with others through therapeutic horticultural activities.

Hands on learning is led by Ian Lumb: a self-employed landscape gardener with a wealth of experience and a passion for helping young people grow.

Teaching is also provided by Debbie Lumb who has worked in education throughout her career and now dedicates her time to showing our students what they can achieve, listening to their opinions and shaping our programmes around their needs.

Our Community


The people who work for us and with us are at the heart of our community and bring our charity to life. Below are some of the roles in our foundation:


If you work alongside young people, we're here to help. We can provide your students with a wealth of skills and help them build foundations for their futures.

Parents & Carers

Parents are involved every step of the way at SSF. If you feel our programmes may benefit your child, find out more and get in touch!


Our programmes are specially designed to meet your needs and requirements. No matter what your experience or skill set is, we can help.

Volunteers & Staff

We're always looking for new members of the SSF team. You don't have to have charity experience to join us, just a passion for helping young people change their lives.


Self- Employed Gardeners we need you!

At the moment our founder, Ian Lumb is our one and only volunteer landscape gardener. We are keen to recruit more volunteer gardeners like Ian.  

Could you share your expertise, knowledge and skills with young people?


With donations and funding, we're be able to help young people achieve things they didn't think were possible due to their backgrounds or abilities. Every donation we receive helps to provide our students with the resources they need to excel.



Even though SSF aims to give young people opportunity and experience- it is always our priority to make sure our students have fun! Below, you can see some of the things our students get up to at our site in Shepley and around the Huddersfield area:

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