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About Us

The idea of starting a foundation first came about during the pandemic, when self-employed landscaper Ian Lumb took on a young man to help him with his jobs. One of Ian's clients saw how beneficial taking part in horticultural activity was to this young man and offered to help start a foundation which could provide the same benefits to hundreds of young people. 

Today, Sunshine Sunflower Foundation is a registered charity based in Shepley, Huddersfield. Ian and Debbie have created programmes which provide young people aged 16-24 with a new set of skills, friends and interests. 

The gardens we work in are a great space for young people to get creative and immerse themselves in nature. In an ever advancing technological world, Sunshine Sunflower Foundation allows students to reconnect with the simpler things in life and become part of both our community and the wider community in surrounding areas. 

We give young adults a sense of involvement and membership- we give them a place they feel they belong. 

Meet The Team

Our team leaders have a wealth of knowledge in their fields and are on hand at all times to provide support to our learners. They have a real passion for what they do and want to make every student feel respected, valued and remind them of their importance within the foundation

Ian is a landscape gardener, with clients all over the Huddersfield area. He loves all things nature and knows his stuff about local wildlife!

Debbie is a teacher by trade and has worked with teenagers and young adults for a number of years. She now focuses on building the charity and supporting students both educationally and pastorally. 

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