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Our Community

The people who work for us and with us are at the heart of our foundation and bring it to life. Find out more about the roles in Sunshine Sunflower and their influence on the wider community below:


We help young people gain skills that allow them to work better in mainstream schools in the future. The work we do also benefits the school community as we work on young people's perceptions of school and how they can improve relationships with staff.

Alternative Provision isn't something we do currently, however we have plans to include this in our future projects.

Parents & Carers

The parents and carers of our students will be involved in every step of their child's journey. We will arrange a meeting prior to the student joining us and we encourage parents to work together with staff to design a project and establish a contract that meets their child's needs. Parents provide us with constant feedback and communication, so we can adapt our programmes accordingly. At the end of the project, students will receive career support and discuss future employment possibilities.


Students aged 16-24 can take part in a reset of their educational journey. When they attend our centre, they will learn a variety of skills including horticultural techniques, construction and general countryside skills. 

They will also attend therapeutic sessions which will improve their general well-being and mental health. 

From our programmes, young people aged 16-24 will build more resilience, have a greater awareness of career progression and have improved access to opportunities.

Volunteers & Staff

Local members of the community can volunteer as part of our team and work alongside our young people. With this role comes the opportunity to act as a mentor to students, teaching them the vital skills needed to be successful in the horticultural and construction industries. Our volunteers also demonstrate to students the value of teamwork and good social skills as well as sharing wisdom. We believe volunteers benefit just as much as the students from taking part in the projects!

Volunteers & Staff
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