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Our Mission

We have big dreams here at Sunshine Sunflower Foundation, and we encourage our students to have high aspirations too. Find out more about our mission and our plans for the future:

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Scissett Middle School Careers Event

Ian's Story

Hi! I'm Ian Lumb, I live in Shepley and I'm a self-employed landscape gardener who has a passion for working with and supporting young adults. 

I always see potential in young people, during the pandemic I took a young man under my wing and helped him build confidence and experience by showing him the ropes of landscape gardening. 

We also hope to connect with local residents and play a vital role in the community by giving advice to residents about planting schemes and even doing plant and seed swaps!

We're always looking for new members of our family, so whatever your background and experience, please get in touch!

Best Wishes,

Ian Lumb


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Our Mission

It is well established that spending time in nature is beneficial for our mental health, with studies showing it can not only reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, but also ease stress and high blood pressure. 

At Sunshine Sunflower, we aim to use horticulture in a therapeutic way with young adults. We create a safe and welcoming environment for young people to develop new skills, have fun and make friends. Whether students are wanting to go into the horticultural sector or simply looking for some work experience; there is a place for everyone in our family regardless of their ability or background. Together, we can create a sense of hope, opportunity and aspiration. 

Slowly but surely we will create a thriving, environmentally friendly space in the community, and help our students thrive along the way too. 

Our Students 

Our students mean the world to us, we love hearing their feedback to help us adapt our programmes and see the benefits our foundation has on their lives

The charity has helped me be more active, I also feel happier and better mentally. I feel way more confident and better about myself and what I am capable of.

The skills I have learnt at College studying horticulture has paid off because the clients I have completed work for are so pleased- they told me they're amazed at my work ethic and how skilled I am now.

I was very grateful for the charity helping when I knew sixth form college wasn't for me. I’m not sure I want a career in horticulture, but I have learned to work safely and in a team, these are all skills I can take forward when I go for an apprenticeship in construction.

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